Puros Reynoso Quality & Perfection in Cigar making since 1973

It started in 1963 when a cigar maker in the Dominican Republic named Don Ramon Reynoso created a new native tobacco stock. The cigars crafted from this new stock became a favorite among family and friends.

Ten years later, in 1973, Puros-Reynoso was formally established in the city of Santiago de los Caballeros in the Dominican Republic. It quickly became one of the flagship cigar producers of the Caribbean island.

Initially, Puros-Reynoso started handcrafting medium-body cigars just to be enjoyed exclusively by high-ranking military officers of the Dominican Republic. For this reason, some of the best cigars of this renowned family brand have been awarded military ranks as a name; like “Almirante” (Admiral), which is still the most famous cigar of the brand.

Don Ramon Reynoso

Reynoso Products

Puros-Reynoso has been manufacturing some of the world’s best cigars for more than three decades. Continuing a tobacco and family tradition that transcends time, providing excellent cigars to tobacco lovers all over the world.


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